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Foundation - Use appropriate language to describe location.
Australian Curriculum Yr F Achievement Standard
Year 1 - Use the language of direction to move from place to place. Students give and follow directions to familiar locations.
Australian Curriculum Yr 1 Achievement Standard

Grid Zoo

Use co-ordinates to see where animals are on the zoo's map.

Back to TopYear 2 - Interpret simple maps of familiar locations and identify the relative positions of key features. Australian Curriculum Yr 2 Achievement Standard

Hidden Ships

Click the correct co-ordinates to uncover the hidden ships.

Home sheep, home!

Use direction and transformation to get safely back to the barn.

Back to TopYear 3 - Match positions on maps with given information. Students create and interpret simple grid maps to show position and pathways.
Australian Curriculum Yr 3 Achievement Standard

Bike Route

Use maps and grids to help Inez run errands.

Home sheep, home!

Use direction and transformation to get safely back to the barn.

Back to TopYear 4 - Interpret information contained in maps. Students use simple scales, legends and directions to interpret information contained in basic maps.
Australian Curriculum Yr 4 Achievement Standard

Billy Bug 1

Use X and Y co-ordinates to feed Billy.

Back to TopYear 5 - Use a grid reference system to describe locations. Describe routes using landmarks and directional language.
Australian Curriculum Yr 5 Achievement Standard

Battleship Online

Press 'Friend', send the link to someone else and play each other.

Billy Bug 2

Use four quadrant co-ordinates to feed Billy.

Dino Dig

Use coordinates to see where to find dinosaur bones.

Find Places

Use coordinates to find locations.

Back to TopYear 6 - Locate an ordered pair in any one of the four quadrants on the Cartesian plane. Australian Curriculum Yr 6 Achievement Standard

Stock ShelvesTablet ✅

Stock the shelves using coordinates.


What happens when you enlarge a shape?

Back to TopYear 7 - Represent transformations in the Cartesian plane. Students assign ordered pairs to given points on the Cartesian plane.
Australian Curriculum Yr 7 Achievement Standard

Coordinate Geometry

Uncover the lost temple by plotting co-ordinates on a four quadrant grid.

Exploring Transformations

Explore transformations by selecting translations, rotations and reflections.

Shape Mods

Use translations, reflections, and rotations to solve puzzles.