Back to TopYear 3 - Recognise angles in real situations. Students Identify angles as measures of turn and compare angle sizes in everyday situations.
Australian Curriculum Yr 3 Achievement Standard

Pool Geometry 1

Use your knowledge of angles to predict where the pool ball will end. See if you can clear the ball in as few shots as possible.

Back to TopYear 4 - Classify angles in relation to a right angle. Students compare angles and classify them as equal to, greater than, or less than, a right angle.
Australian Curriculum Yr 4 Achievement Standard

Fruit Picker

Collect the apples by shooting them with the arrow. But only if you can work out the angle of turn

Back to TopYear 5 - Measure and construct different angles. Students estimate, measure and compare angles using degrees. They construct angles using a protractor.
Australian Curriculum Yr 5 Achievement Standard

Alien Angles

Practice estimating angles to rescue the alien then check with a protractor. Not as easy as it looks!

Angles - BBC

Use angles to save the world from the evil roboids! Takes ages to load but worth the wait to play through the four levels.

Measuring Angles

A step by step introduction to angles and how to measure them. Includes right, obtuse, acute, full reflex and straight angles. A bonus round challenges players to measure flowers and arrange a bouquet before printing.

MG-6 Measuring Angles

An introduction to the names of angles, how to use a protractor and interactive use of a protractor to practice! You will need a keyboard.

Squirt the Dog

Squirt the dog with water by dragging the correct angle onto the screen. Use the red arrows to see more angles.

Star Gazing

Estimate an angle, check by pointing the telescope and locate planets with their weird inhabitants.

Back to TopYear 6 - Solve problems using the properties of angles. Students investigate, with and without digital technologies, angles on a straight line, angles at a point and vertically opposite angles. They use these results to find unknown angles.
Australian Curriculum Yr 6 Achievement Standard


The AIRmadillo has taken to flying paper airplanes. Use your geometric angles skills and quick reflexes to help fly airplanes as far possible.


Put in angles and estimate distances to play golf. Good idea to read the instructions. Good luck!

Kung Fu Angles

Your ability to estimate angles accurately will help you become master Ninja of the Temple of Angles. It’s a little violent….

Pool Geometry 2

More advanced than number 1 because the table is a different shape! Use angles to predict where the pool ball will end up and see if you can pot the ball in as few shots as possible.

Triangle/Angle Shoot

Shoot the right type of angle or triangle. Loads of fun but you have to know your shape words.

Back to TopYear 7 - Solve simple numerical problems involving angles formed by a transversal crossing two lines. Students name the types of angles formed by a transversal crossing parallel line. Australian Curriculum Yr 7 Achievement Standard

Area of Triangles NEW!

Use a grid and a formula, and explore how the formula works. Estimate then work out the correct formula by putting together a series of triangles and rectangles. Were you right?

Exploring Kites NEW!

Use a tool to explore and identify the properties of kites. Investigate angles, side lengths and the lengths of diagonals in kites.

Intersecting and Parallel Lines NEW!

What's the difference between lines that cross or don't cross? Find out right here.

Trigonometry w Triangles NEW!

Find out how those clever ancient Greeks and Egyptians used shadows to measure things in this maths game. Right-angled triangles are the key.